Triple Leaf Tea Herbal Laxative

The herbs in this traditional Chinese formula help promote regularity and provide gentle, effective overnight relief.* These herbs were used to help support digestive system function and to promote the body's normal process of detoxification.* Senna is an effective stimulant laxative that promotes bowel movements.* Rhubarb root and sickle-pod senna seed were considered milder stimulant laxatives that complement the effects of senna.* Ginger was used to lessen discomfort and cramping and to support digestive system function.* Licorice root, dandelion and fo-ti were used to help support healthy liver function, promote normal detoxification, build the “chi", or energy, and promote balance.* Traditionally, the Chinese considered healthy digestion and elimination important for physical and mental well-being.* For additional support in cleansing, use this tea along with Triple Leaf Detox Tea.*


Senna leaf, stem; Licorice root; Ginger root; Dandelion leaf; Fo-ti (he shou wu) root; Rhubarb root; Sickle-pod senna seed.
Other ingredients: Natural orange flavor with other natural citrus flavors

Suggested Use:

1 cup before bedtime for morning relief.* If needed, take again the next night; do not exceed 2 cups in 24 hours,* Children 6 - 12 years old, drink 1/2 cup before bedtime.* If needed, take again the next night; do not exceed 1 cup in 24 hours.* Do not drink for more than 7 consecutive days unless directed by your doctor.*
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Triple Leaf HerbaLax Tea

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