Packed with micronutrients and protein, granulated bee pollen makes for a delicious and healthy addition when sprinkled in smoothies or food. Prior to use, soak granules in a small amount of cold water for 12 hours in your refrigerator to lightly coat and crack the shells of the individual pollen grains which increases the rate of absorption from 2% - 7% to nearly 90%.

40 grams.


      • Relieving inflammation.
      • Working as an antioxidant.
      • Boosting liver health.
      • Strengthening the immune system.
      • Working as a dietary supplement.
      • Easing symptoms of menopause.
      • Reducing stress.
      • Speeding healing.

      Read more about Bee Pollen Granules Benefits here.


      Organic Bee Pollen Granules.

      Bee Pollen Granules

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